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Nose slimming injection

This technique is one of the newest cosmetic techniques, as it helps to get rid of the fat in the nose and reduce it.

The technique of dissolving nose fat is one of the ways to reduce the size of the nose and sometimes overcome some of the defects of asymmetry in it, the main cause of which is the accumulation of fatty lumps in the nose or on one side or one specific part of it. Although

The structure of the nose is known to be composed of a thin part of the tissue surrounding the cartilaginous structure of the nose, but the bodies of some are

Able to store fatty tissue in this part of the face more than necessary sometimes.

Technical Features:

*Safe and guaranteed results

*Its cost is low compared to surgeries.

*You can do all the work immediately after this injection, you do not need recovery time

*A very simple process that does not exceed a long time in the injection.

*You do not need general anesthesia, which leads to severe complications

*The accumulated fat under the skin of the nose dissolves, and this is difficult to perform during surgical operations

Some minor side effects can occur as a result of subcutaneous injection, such as:-

*Inflammation and swelling at the injection site.

*Itching and pain after subcutaneous injection.

These symptoms that happen to happen if you travel old for a long time, but they disappear after only days, you do not need to worry when they occur.

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