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Non surgical nose jobs? Yes it works!

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is one of the most common plastic surgeries, and it has become possible to treat problems such as the prolapse of the front of the nose, its large size, or its swelling, but the latest trend in the treatment of nose problems now is rhinoplasty without surgery at all.

Most of the cosmetic surgeries that rely on surgical intervention require partial or complete anesthesia, which increases their cost a lot, and surgery is not preferred by doctors and patients alike due to the possibility of complications that may be as simple as inflammation in the organ, and may be more complex such as the occurrence of Contamination, infection, failure of the entire operation and not obtaining the desired result from it.

Rhinoplasty methods Non-surgical rhinoplasty methods are suitable for many cases, from raising the tip of the nose, to reducing and narrowing the nose, hiding bony prominences, modifying congenital deformities on the surface of the nose, modifying the nasal tilt, and highlighting the tip of the nose.

Rhinoplasty with threads The suture technique is mainly used for problems related to the lower edge of the nose. The process of lifting the nose with threads is performed under local anesthesia, so the patient can return to normal life on the same day as the nose is not splinted, and the doctor may decide to keep the threads or remove them later In such operations The operation takes only 20 to 60 minutes, and no surgical incisions are made in the nose, but threads are inserted through special metal needles that are inserted into the cartilaginous tissue of the nose, the result of the operation appears on the patient immediately, and the pain after the operation is either non-existent or very little. The thread used in nose lifting operations is a special type of invisible surgical thread (made of nylon). In most cases, the thread is not removed after surgery.

This is an example

Reducing the nose with fillers Filler technique (Nose Filler) is a very modern technique used to modify the nose without complete surgery, the filler technique is useful in cases of a drop in the bridge of the nose, or there is a rise followed by a decrease in the surface of the nose, where this drop is filled to restore the perfect appearance of the nose, also materials can be injected Especially in the muscle responsible for raising the descending edge of the nose to increase its height a little, and injections are used on the sides of the nose to reduce the nostrils The filler technique cannot be used to reduce the nose, of course, and it also does not help in solving the problem of a tilted nose Filler operations for the nose are performed in one session, and the injection does not take more than several minutes, but the problem is that it is not permanent. The patient may need to re-inject after a year or two.

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