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Mesotherapy for the skin

Mesotherapy is one of the most powerful innovative techniques in the world of skin beautification, and it is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment, and this technique has proven its effectiveness in the world of skin beautification. Mesotherapy injection material contains vitamins, natural compounds, and amino acids that help in rejuvenating and rejuvenating the skin. Aesthetic treatment with mesotherapy technique on local injection, and this technique is used to solve various skin problems,

  • There are many therapeutic and cosmetic benefits of mesotherapy, the most important of which are the following

Remove wrinkles and signs of aging

Remove skin pigmentation and melasma

Treating acne scars

Rejuvenation, vitality and youth of the skin.

Stimulate blood circulation.

Treating enlarged facial pores and improving their shape

  • The number of mesotherapy sessions needed

The number of mesotherapy sessions varies from person to person; According to the results, most often the patient needs (3-15) sessions, each session is separated from the other for a period ranging between (7-10) days, at first, and if the results are noticeable in the improvement of the skin, the mesotherapy treatment is done once Every two weeks, or once a month

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