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Cat Eye Thread Lift !!

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

APTOS threads

It has an excellent effect in revitalizing the skin, and its use is an excellent solution for those who wish to perform a facelift by nonsurgical methods, These German threads are made of “Polypropylene”, which increases their advantages and increases their effectiveness. The results of Aptos threads can last for many years.

Eyebrow lift with threads (fox eyes)

A modern cosmetic technique, in which the doctor uses a certain type of thread made of materials that do not conflict with body tissues such as Aptos threads and fit with it easily, as this technique seeks to tighten the forehead and eyebrows area and hide their wrinkles, and also helps to improve the shape of the area around the eye By tightening the skin and the tissues underneath.

the main goal of cat eye threads. Right after the procedure they look dramatic, but as they settle in, your eyebrows will look more lifted and your eyes will have a more defined outer corner, giving you the “cat eye” effect!

Benefits of eyebrow lift with threads:

  • Get the desired bold look without surgery

  • Reduce sagging of the upper eyelid

  • Smoothing, tightening the forehead, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • More youthful and fresh skin

  • Improve both skin elasticity

  • Improving collagen and elastin production

  • natural results

  • Get results tailored to everyone's need

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