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Entry Requirements

To be eligible for Dr. Nadin Tamimi's on-site training courses, the candidate must satisfy the following :

  1. Having an MD, DDS, or BDS degree.

  2. Minimum 6 months experience in facial injectables.

  3. Beginners On-Site Training is a prerequisite for Advanced On-Site Training

  4. Advanced On-Site Training is a prerequisite for Professional On-Site Training

What's Included

All On-Site Training courses ​include 

  1. Lecture Presentation

  2. hands-on training

  3. Certificate of attendance 


All On-Site Training come in one of the following two formats:

  1. Internship - Observing Dr.Nadin perform the procedure

  2. Supervision* - The Participant will perform the procedure under Dr.Nadin’s supervision​

* With Supervision training:

  • The participant or his patient is responsible for covering the cost of the material

  • The participant is responsible for bringing his patient except for international participants, we'll be providing them with patients



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